Monday, December 20, 2004

Standard 3" Dam Trolls

At the beginning of the first American troll fad, the most common and popular dolls were the standard Dam trolls. They stood just less than 3 inches tall (hair not included) and had brown or amber glass eyes. Most were naked, and many had either "DAM" or "©64" stamped on the backside. Occasionally, a circle with "DAM THINGS EST 1964" was pressed into the bottom of one foot. It is important to remember, however, that many Dam dolls were not factory marked from the early 1960's to the mid 1970's.

Above are three examples of standard 3-inch trolls. All of them have the classic brown eyes and have "DAM" embedded across their backs. Posted by Hello


Those " Dam things" rule! said...

I absolutely, LOVED your blog space, it is so well presented, and I thought the picture of the dam troll sanat claus was wonderful info too. thanks ever so much!! the restored robin hood troll was wonderfully done too, great job!!
trollish greetings

Ivey said...

[Blush] Thank you so much, Shelley! I sure do appreciate those "atta gals" . . .

Your Fellow Collector,
Ms. Trollophile :D

Anonymous said...

I was very interested to read your article about dam trolls.

Do you know where I could source modern dam trolls from?

I'm currently setting up a new business and would very much like to incorporate and market these marvellous little trolls!

Linda, UK

Ivey said...

As my primary interest is in pre-1975 Dam trolls, I really have no idea where to buy modern trolls at wholesale. However, there are several troll collectors who are also members Yahoo Groups' "DAMTHINGS". One of them should be able to give you the connections you're looking for.

Ms. Trollophile :D