Thursday, August 03, 2006

My 2006 State Fair of Texas Entry

I could not resist! My 1965 Scandia House edition of the large (6.75 inches) tailed troll will be entered in this year’s doll show at the Texas State Fair. This bigger version of Dam’s doll with the fur-tipped rear appendage has uniquely detailed finger and toe nails. Many of the larger tailed trolls were dressed in burlap tunics with brown yarn belts tied around them. Sometimes, there were various “charms” strung on the belt. Generally, the charms were made of either felt or plastic. A red felt diamond, two types of green felt leaves, a plastic four-leaf clover and a plastic lantern filled with colored rings are just some of the charms I know of.

Tailed trolls are highly prized among collectors with the smaller (around 3 inches) versions being “all the rage” and selling for hundreds of dollars. Most of them were originally sold “in the buff”, but a few petite individuals with “butt extremities” were also dressed in burlap garments.

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Dam Trollish Santa

Dam's BIG Santa! Posted by Picasa (

Before the creation of his famous trolls, . . .

Thomas Dam was recruited by a large Swedish department store to assist in the creation of a two-story Santa Claus for their 1956 Yule display. The majority of this "jolly old elf" was made of metal, but the rubber face and hands were designed and handcrafted by Dam.*

*Information obtained from

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Restored Robin Hood Troll

This is a larger classic Robin Hood troll, which I have "liberally" restored. His badly decaying velveteen coat, velveteen hat and deteriorated arrow case were used as patterns and were recreated in suede leather. Robin's missing green felt pants and brown felt belt have been replaced. The damaged dyed chicken feather that was in his cap has been exchanged for a quail feather. The once broken arrow now sports a handcrafted stone spearhead, and the bow he holds was hand-carved from wood. (I'm rather proud of it.)

Unlike many of the 7-inch character trolls, this one is not a coin bank. Posted by Picasa

Human Troll Tootsies

These are not life-size replicas of Dam troll feet. These are my actual feet! Posted by Picasa