Thursday, December 08, 2005

Large character and other odd trolls (view from right side) Posted by Picasa


I am woman, hear me roar. said...

I recently logged on to check to see if the troll I have has any value. I was surprised to find it is a Dam 7" troll coin bank in mint condition in original clothing in mint condition with his mark on the back, and the coin slot right through the middle of the mark. My husband got it as a premium for opening a bank account back in 1966 in Dowagiac, Michigan. Does anyone know an approx. value.

Ivey said...

I do not officially appraise trolls, but there is a way to get a rough idea of your troll bank's value at eBay. Browse the category, "Dolls & Bears: Dolls: Trolls: Vintage (Pre-1975)." Find all the auctions that have your doll up for bids, click on the Item Titles and then click on "Watch this item" inside each item description. Once all the auctions have closed, the selling prices should give you an "average" of what your troll is worth.