Thursday, August 03, 2006

My 2006 State Fair of Texas Entry

I could not resist! My 1965 Scandia House edition of the large (6.75 inches) tailed troll will be entered in this year’s doll show at the Texas State Fair. This bigger version of Dam’s doll with the fur-tipped rear appendage has uniquely detailed finger and toe nails. Many of the larger tailed trolls were dressed in burlap tunics with brown yarn belts tied around them. Sometimes, there were various “charms” strung on the belt. Generally, the charms were made of either felt or plastic. A red felt diamond, two types of green felt leaves, a plastic four-leaf clover and a plastic lantern filled with colored rings are just some of the charms I know of.

Tailed trolls are highly prized among collectors with the smaller (around 3 inches) versions being “all the rage” and selling for hundreds of dollars. Most of them were originally sold “in the buff”, but a few petite individuals with “butt extremities” were also dressed in burlap garments.


Anonymous said...

[Sigh] Due to my other (quilt) entry not qualifying for competition and a newly discovered medical condition (which my doctors have found), this wonderful troll did not make it to Dallas for the Texas State Fair.

Maybe, next year will be better . . .

Ms. Trollophile :D

Krista said...

wow, sounds like you really like trolls. i have a troll collection al though not as nice as yours. i just bought three today. a firefighter, a mermaid and a princess.

Anonymous said...

Your troll collection sounds beautiful to me!
Ms. Trollophile :D

James Wood said...

I just found one like this and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. It has white hair and a red-felt diamond. All the tags are on it and it's in pretty good condition. I don't know anything about this. Any hints?

Ivey said...

You have found a very popular and valuable tailed Dam troll! Especially since it still has the original tags and red-felt diamond, it is worth anywhere from $100 to $350 (conservatively).
If you are a collector, keep and love it. Otherwise, the troll can easily be sold on eBay.

Congratulations, James!

Ms. Trollophile :D