Friday, August 22, 2014

The Creator of Beautiful Dam Things

Thomas Dam was born in Denmark on October 2, 1909.  He loved and spent most of his life in his hometown of Argir, a village in the Faroe Islands.  On January 11, 1986, he passed away, just before the second "troll craze" hit.

Maria Joensen Dam, wife, sews and stuffs troll dolls - while Thomas Dam "puts on the finishing touches".

Thomas Dam in his later years, enjoying the ocean breezes of the Faroe Islands.



Amazing! I love thomas dam, I will be forever grateful to him for his trolls :'3

Ivey said...

I feel the same way, David! His troll dolls have brought me so much JOY . . . and now, my grandchildren are enjoying them.

Ms. Trollophile :D