Monday, June 18, 2007

A Dam, Damn Rare, Animal!

Folks, I had to wipe the drool off of my chin when Sherill (a fellow collector) shared this EXTREMELY RARE animal with me! This LARGE, WHITE, reindeer is just one of only a hundred that were manufactured in Denmark during the 1960s - and he is the only one known to reside in the United States. The newer "hang tag" around his neck was signed and given to Sherill by the son of Thomas Dam, Niels Dam (who also verified this masterpiece's authenticity).


polywog said...

Hi Ivey,
people kept telling me i needed a hobby, so i've decided to revive my troll collection.! :)

what's the difference between "norfin" and 'dam"? Do you know if they 're the same? I had thought they were because i know some of my bigger trolls I bought in the 80's had blue norfin tags, and the feet or backs say Dam.

Wilipedia said that norfin was a knock off of thomas dams trolls, so now i' m not sure the connection. can you enlighten us?


Ivey said...

Hey, KB!

In my November posting, I quoted a well-respected collecting guide:
“Dam Trolls returned to the United States in 1982 under a new name – Norfins. EFS Marketing Incorporated was responsible for their return and has sole rights to their import and distribution.”
So, YES, Norfin trolls are more modern versions of the old Dam Trolls.

Wikipedia relies on contributions from on-line donors. Therefore, the information is not always accurate.

Your Fellow Collector,
Ms. Trollophile

P.S. You have revived one helluva great hobby!

polywog said...

thanks for the insight.
i just recieved my first one from ebay today! she's in brand new condition and has a little poodle skirt.

Like you, i didn't much care for barbies, but the first time i laid eyes on a troll, i could not rest until i had one of my own!


TedNoah1 said...

Hi Ivy! Im so hoping you can help me! I couldnt find your email address on here, but I was hoping you can help me I.D. some 60s trolls I have. When you get a minute can you email me? I want to show you pictures of these 3 trolls. Ive had them for quite some time now, but they have no markings on them. 3 other troll collectors I know say they think they are dam. The one is almost positive, and shes a huge collector over in the United Kingdom.
I hope to hear from you!

Ivey said...

Yes, Ted, I'd be happy to look at a few pictures of your trolls. I'll send you an e-mail . . .

Ms. Trollophile

P.S. Thank you so much for the "kudos" on my blog!