Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Centaur Troll

In 2005, the moderator/member of DAMTHINGS Yahoo Group suggested that a "Centaur Troll" be created. The moderator, Goblin King (AKA Adam), then followed up on his suggestion by writing to the Danish maker of modern Dam trolls.

Many of us in the troll community crossed our fingers, hoping to see this new collector's item become a reality. Unfortunately, either because the prototype would be too complicated or too expensive to manufacture, the Centaur Troll was never even put on a drawing board.

In 2006, I tried to put together a simple Centaur design. My artistic daughter, Candace, drew the idea. We then e-mailed the proposed troll and sketches to the then APS (formerly Norfin) Company in Denmark.

Alas, the Centaur troll was not to be . . .

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jayleenb said...

Sorry to leave this here, but I can't find any way to contact you. I recently purchased a old DAM troll on Ebay from someone in the UK. The rubber used is quite different than anything I've seen. Granted I've only recently re-found my love of trolls. I was hoping someone like you could help me identify a potential year of origin. Can you contact me so I can email you the photos of it?

jayleenb @

Without the spaces obviously... just trying to thwart any web crawlers...

Maybe you've posted on this before, but it would be great to know when DAM stopped using Mohair... when they began using 'coned' heads... kind of a timeline.

Anyway, please email me if you can help me.