Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Restoration of an Animal Troll

This is an underside photo of a large Dam donkey, severely marked and with rotting hair, before restoration.

This is the underside photo of the same troll, after ink-removal treatment and with mane & tail replacement. "Vee have vays of making zee schribbles go kaput . . ."

He is one Dam handsome donkey!


debbma said...

Oh, I have been looking for some more info about my dam thing donkey. I have had mine since 1964 when I turned 14. How much are they worth now?
You can see mine at
And how much to restore his mane and tail?


Ivey said...

As are all of the troll animals, your baby is ADORABLE! At this time, the Dam donkey is selling for between $100 and $200 on eBay.

I am now an over-the-road trucker and have very little time to restore trolls. Look up "terrelltimm" on eBay - he does custom restoration.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what chemical combination you used for the ink removal... some come right off with rubbing alcohol, some need non-acetone nail polish remover... what did you use in this case? Thanks, C

Ivey said...

I posted the process of ink removal on the Yahoo Groups board called "DAMTHINGS". Although the donkey was prepped with alcohol, it is neither the alcohol or nail-polish remover that leaches out the ink.

You may be surprised . . .

Ms. Trollophile ;-)